Mutant Future – Random Race & Background Tables

A friend of mine is starting up a Mutant Future RPG campaign that I’ll be playing in, and it got me really looking into the rules for the first time. I’ve been a fan of post-apocalyptic settings for quite a while but somehow, Gamma World and its ilk have escaped my gaze – with the exception of the edition based on 4th Edition D&D, which was gonzo fun! I think cranking up the craziness on a post-apocalyptic setting makes it more memorable and much more fun, and I can see a lot of the possibilities in Mutant Future (available from Goblinoid Games).

If you weren’t aware, Mutant Future is based on the Labyrinth Lord game, which is itself based on the D&D Basic rules from the 1981 Moldvay red boxed set. As with the Gamma World game, it skips classes entirely and focuses on the races, and like the old boxed sets of gaming yore there’s a lot of interpretation that needs to be done to codify the presented information. One of the things I really liked in the Gamma World game was the random aspect – you didn’t get to choose much, you were just stuck with whatever crazy combination you rolled. Mutant Future has this as well with the random mutations, but I wanted to take it a step further and randomize the race.

I put together a quick table that breaks down the races presented in Mutant Future (Android, Mutant Animal, Mutant Human, Mutant Plant, and Pure Human) into a random selection. I further broke down the “sub races” within each into another random table, and took a stab at identifying a common mutation associated with the 19 mutant animals I put on the list. Is it exhaustive? Of course not, it’s just a fun random table.

I also put in a random background generator, culling from a few post-apocalyptic sources to give the character a bit of a focus. It’s up the Mutant Lord whether a character’s background has any bearing on checks made during the game but it’s at least fun to give a random character a random hook to hang the quirks on.

Here’s the two page PDF. Download and play around with it! And I’ll see you in the wastes …

Random Mutant Future Tables

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