#RPGaDay 2016 Day 3!

Whoah, day 3 already. I think this is the most diligent I’ve ever been about #RPGaDay, though to be honest the trend only started a few years ago. Here we go into Day 3!


3) Character moment you are proudest of?

This is a tough one for me, as I have been behind the screen for most of my 25+ years of roleplaying games. The times I’ve been a player tend to be one shots or relatively short campaigns, so my gut instinct is to share a moment from someone else’s character. But I see that as a topic for a future #RPGaDay post, so I’m going to have to dig into the ol’ memory banks here.

The moment I think I’m most proud of comes in a game of Pathfinder at GenCon 2013. I had decided I was going to join in the organized play to get my gaming fix, and I had already invested (heavily, I might add) into the Pathfinder rule set, so I thought this was a good plan. I made my character, and it’s a character concept I’ve had for many, many years – a burly, tough, charming but unwise human fighter with a big ass sword named Drake Mandrake, aka Drake the Slayer.

I don’t recall a lot of the specifics of the session itself, but I recall the table had members from a variety of Pathfinder Society factions, including myself. We were in a pirate’s cove trying to rescue someone (the son of someone, maybe), and we had just confronted the main villain who had a knife to the son’s throat. My character’s mission was to bring the villain to justice, and while I had a strong sense of good and right I truly felt the villain was bluffing with his threats against the target’s life.

I made a move to take the villain down based on my character’s motivations and beliefs, and it turns out the villain was NOT bluffing. He killed the target before I could get to him (I believe I threw my sword at him, Rutger Hauer-style, and it failed quite miserably), and one of the other players was a member of a faction that had a special mission to ensure the target was retrieved alive. In my defense, I did not know this (nobody else did either, he was the only member of that faction at the table) and the player was playing everything very close to his chest, but he got very upset at this.

Ultimately, if I had known, I think I would have done things differently, but for the moment and the information at my disposal – and with the acquiescent silence of the rest of the party – I took a bold action that as a player I knew had a fairly low chance of actually succeeding. But it’s totally something big and rash that Drake Mandrake would do. I’m not proud of the reaction I provoked in the other player AT ALL, and again if I had known I would not have taken such a risky action (or would have amended it to be something a bit more succeedable), but I took the bull by the horns and tried something grand.

And that’s what stories are made out of, aren’t they? Win, lose, or draw, you remember the big moments, and for me I remember the big failures even more. That’s probably why this moment sticks out for me.

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