#RPGaDay 2016 Day 6!

Sheesh! I almost let Saturday slip by without an #RPGaDay post. That wouldn’t do, no siree, that wouldn’t do at all. My goal was to get 31 days of RPG stories and thoughts posted up in August and by golly I’m going to give it the old college try!


6) Most amazing thing a game group did for their community?

That’s an interesting question. I’m sure there are stories out there about gaming groups coming together to pull for some lofty and noble goal, such as ending world hunger or something, but to be honest none of them over the years have had a lasting impact on me. Certainly my own gaming group hasn’t organized anything amazing for the community – or at least not in any big flashy public event.

I will say this about my own group. In high school, we met every Tuesday and Thursday after school at our local library, Hennepin County Library Westonka Branch. We got to know the librarians, and convinced them to let us use the meeting room on those days, assuming there wasn’t anything already schedule there. It was a fantastic space – lots of table space, lots of chairs, and an environment where we could really be as loud as we wanted. Not that we were super loud, but when you’re facing down demons, dragons, and fiendish traps, the heat of the moment can get pretty exciting.

Because of where we met, we ended up helping out with the library book sales, which were held in the same meeting room so we were out of luck for those weeks. But we would occasionally help setup the tables, get the books laid out, and do our best to give back a little bit to the institution that was so instrumental to our upbringing. I’ll be honest and say for me personally I wish I had done more – looking back I don’t recall a lot of times actually volunteering, which makes me a little disappointed in myself.

Was it amazing? No, but it was something that we were able to do. I do recall helping out the librarian, Bill, that we worked with a lot, doing a lot of small tasks just keeping the library up and running. Again, I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t step up more. Ah well, can’t change the past right? We can only learn from its mistakes and try to remember the stories.

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