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Handy Printable Form Fillable PC Reference Cards!

The Adventurers League had a nice post about using Inspiration, a mechanic in 5th Edition. It’s something I rarely remember, but mainly because it’s quite a lot of work to write down and remember everyone’s details at a convention table. But I liked the idea, and put together a quick PDF that can be used to hang on a GM screen that contains the key information. Check out my 5E PC Reminders and let me know what you think!

The sheet is designed so you just have to print it out and make two cuts – one horizontal and one vertical. There shouldn’t be any paper wasted. Make sure to select the Actual Size option when you print in Adobe Acrobat (rather than Fit).

One note – I wish I had a separate spot for Background, as I think that is an important aspect of a character, so I what I’ve done is put it into the Race field (so it would say Human Pirate or Hill Dwarf Criminal).