GaryCon VII – Day 0

GaryCon 2015 called and I have made the journey into the hallowed depths of Wisconsin into the very heart of Midwestern Gaming, Lake Geneva! Today has been a largely uneventful day, filled with driving mainly, but I made good time and managed to get my badge for GaryCon before the lines were too long. I have a sneaky suspicion that there’s going to be quite a wait for badges in the morning.

I’m running the Wrath of the Kobolds series while I’m here in two sets, one for 5th Edition D&D and one for 1st Edition D&D. Writing the modules and converting them to each of the editions was surprisingly easy – the differences come in how they play more than how modules are written for them! Combat specifically is a bit more loose in 1st Edition, but that’s part of the fun! This con marks the first time I’ll have run the entire trilogy for an audience (WK1 Caves of the Kobold QueenWK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye, and WK3 Revenge of the Over-Kobold). The first one I ran last year at GaryCon VI and before that I had GM’d it a few times for my home group.

Sadly, I did not get one of the convenient rooms at the Geneva Ridge Resort – I’m down the road a bit in Delavan at the Sky Lodge Inn. It’s a nice if generic place, clean and reasonable for rates. I’m NOT looking forward to parking at the resort, that’s for sure. Previous years has proven that’s quite a gamble and with the con only growing in size I’m sure this will be the worst of the years. Time will tell.

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