GaryCon VII – Day 1

It has been a good day at GaryCon VII in Lake Geneva, WI. A good night’s sleep (well, OK night’s sleep) and I was fresh for WK1 Caves of the Kobold Queen at 10 AM. The players at the table were great, and though it ended with a total TPK I think they all had a good time. I know I did.

Break for lunch, chat with a few people, getting excited for GameHole Con in November, and then it was back in the trenches at 4 PM for WK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye. I was looking forward to this one as I only finished writing a few weeks ago – this was the inaugural run of the module. There were points I now know I need to shore up, some clarifications that need to be added, and a map handout that would have been convenient – but overall a good experience. Also had a great table of players (7 of them!) that really made the session shine. Favorite use of my favorite spell so far (gust of wind).

Tired and exhausted, I retired to my hotel after cleaning up after WK2. Tomorrow is another full day – the final D&D 5E session for the weekend for me (WK3 Revenge of the Over-Kobold) and then it’s a switch over to good ol’ 1st Edition AD&D with the Wrath of the Kobolds series all over again.

Good times. Noodle salad.

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