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Monday Workload 8/15/2016

Oi, where has this week gone already? I wanted to get this up yesterday but didn’t, so this week’s Monday Workload update is going to be on Tuesday. Time is a relative thing, isn’t it? Here’s a peek behind the curtain at Cut to the Chase Games!

  • BF0 Conversions – The next 0 module is BF0, the lead up for BF1 Tower of Skulls, and I’ve got the module written. Now I need to convert it to the various systems. This one might slip into next week, easily.
  • BF2 Polishing – I’m polishing up the development on BF2 (which will also be KS2 for the Kickstarter crowd). I really like this module, and my playtests have been fantastic so far!
  • TG1 Contracts – It’s worth noting that all the contracts for TG1 Lost Temple of Ibholtheg are out, and I’ve already got the maps back from Glynn. The man is a map-making machine, completely amazing. Cover art, interior art, and editing are all underway. Pretty excited about that.
  • YF0 Development – The next series after MEMORIES OF THE TOAD GOD (TG) is going to be YF, so I’ve been getting YF0 ready. What is it? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and find out!

This weekend my wife and I are going up to Duluth, MN, to see the WORLD’S LARGEST RUBBER DUCK! I know. You’re jealous. I’ll post pictures!

Monday Workload 8/8/2016

I thought it would be a good idea to let people know what’s being actively developed at Cut to the Chase Games – I know I enjoy these kind of glimpses into the design process that other companies do. I’m going to try and post up a quick rundown of what’s on the plate for CttC Games for the upcoming week, so why not start with today?

  • TG0 Depths of the Croaking Grotto: This will be the next release from Cut to the Chase Games, introducing the MEMORIES OF THE TOAD GOD series. It will go up as a Pay What You Want title for 5th Edition, Pathfinder, DCC RPG, Swords & Wizardry, and Savage Worlds, and I just got the cover back from Matt Morrow. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.
  • BF0 Fortress of Fear: I’m tinkering with this ghostly themed module to serve as precursor to BF1 Tower of Skulls. I really like the way I’ve got it designed right now, I just need to finish the keyed locations for the fortress itself.
  • BF2 Crypt of Bones: This one is the next module in the LORD OF THE BONE FIELDS series, and I’ve got it mapped out currently. Just need to dive into the details.
  • Blog Post for WK Series: This week I’m hoping to get up a blog post with tips and suggestions for adapting the WRATH OF THE KOBOLDS series to the various campaign settings.
  • Art Contracts for TG1: I’ve got the editor working on TG1, and I hope to get the contracts out for cover and interior art this week. Just like with the WRATH OF THE KOBOLDS Kickstarter, I want to have TG1 done completely before the next Kickstarter launches. Oh yes, there will be another.

Those are the active projects currently taking up my main brain processes!